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“Mike is a dynamic leader with great cross-departmental management experience. During my tenure at AGC, Mike ran a wide-range of properties always performing in the top 5% in the Region and overall organization. He was consistently allocated top Capital Improvement Projects based on his ability to see positive cash flow opportunities at his facilities. When I left the organization, he was running the top resort in our Western Portfolio.”

Mike Kimball - Regional Director
American Golf Corporation -USA

“Mike was one of my top General Managers who was always coming up with creative ways to increase profitability. Mike was very good with customer service and landlord relations and one of the top revenue managers in the company. Mike was able to grow his career from smaller clubs to one of the largest clubs in the country. Mike was also willing to relocate to Austalia to run two clubs that we acquired. Mike is a very hard worker with great people skills.”

Brian Bode - Regional Director
American Golf Corporation – USA

“Mike has worked hard over several months assisting us stabilise and maintain operations. Im sure you will join me in thanking Mike for his efforts and in wishing him well in his future endeavours.”

Joseph Hayes - Receiver and Manager
Horizons Golf Resort – NSW

“Mike Orloff stepped in as General Manager of Club Pelican Golf Club on the Sunshine Coast when we needed help at short notice. As a consultant he also reviewed the entire operation in a short period of time and recommended short and long term strategies that we implemented to directly benefit the Club and its return on invesment.”

“We would certainly use Mike’s services again in the future. He was easy to work with and explained the inter-workings of golf operations in simple business terms that made sense and helped us drive the business forward.”

Steve Knudsen - CEO
HSP Property Group, Owner Club Pelican Golf Club

“Mike adapts easily to the dynamic world of golf operations and is able to focus quickly on key macro issues. He enjoys building a team of strong staff to help facilities excel on all levels.”

“After purchasing North Lakes we needed help restructuring the operation and rolling out a new membership plan within a tight timeframe. Mike’s management contribution was creative and resourceful. He was able to make hard decisions when necessary in a clear and balanced way.”

“Mike brings to every project the valuable experience of managing golf facilities in Southern California that generate in excess of 100,000 rounds each per year. I would not hesitate to re-hire him to advise on strategic management issues for future golf projects in Australia.”

Barry Heninger - Global Sport
North Lakes Resort Golf Club

“Mike was initially brought in to help us refine our golf booking strategies and to improve the overall yielding of each and every day of the year. The strategies offered were explained in very simple terms and analogies that key staff easily understood and implemented. Mike is fantastic at stripping down our operating procedures and then helping our staff reinstate them with a more refined and consistent approach. As a former General Manager, Mike has the day-to-day knowledge to embed himself in as a team member and is then always there to support our various managers/ supervisors when they have any questions and additionally for ongoing training. The Glades is seeing the results of Mike’s work and the financial results are improving each and every month.”

Paul Lierse - General Manager
The Glades Golf and Spa

“I engaged Mike Orloff at Golf Industry Central to do a complete review of our golf operation after the business went through a change of ownership. Mike’s formal business review and audit has provided us with a clear direction for the business based on sound industry specific knowledge. Mike’s experience in a wide range of golf facilities throughout the world helped him recommend the correct set of systems we needed to introduce at our facility and while Mikes formal business review has and will continue to be helpful, I also received a great deal of knowledge through informal discussions with Mike about our facility and the industry in general. I would highly recommend Mikes services to any colleague in the golf industry.”

Robby Stephenson- General Manager
Links Shell Cove, NSW

“Mike was brought in as General Manager primarily overseeing, but also to provide operational input to other parts of Micropower. With Mike’s vast operational experience, he was able to quickly get a solid understanding of how our business worked and to advise on a variety of short and long term strategies to help continue the online business moving forward. Mike has provided a significant amount of professional insight to the Micropower business and it was a pleasure working with him”.

Tony Kent- Business Development
Micropower Pty Ltd/ (

“This is the second time we have used Mike’s services since taking on the management of Pine Rivers Golf Club. The first occasion was three years ago, and then recently as a follow up from that original report. We have made great progress since then and saw the need for a follow up report. Mike stepped in as our General Manager, recruited a full time replacement and undertook a full operational review. His insight into golf operations was fantastic and exactly what we needed to get back onto the right track. I would recommend Mike’s services to all clubs that are experiencing operational challenges.”

Frank Phillips- Management Board
Pine Rivers Golf Club, Qld

“Mike, thank you for filling in during our recent management changeover. I am very pleased with what we have achieved this year. Your operational report was very comprehensive and exactly what we wanted. Your operational insight and hands on approach made it an easy process for all involved. We look forward to working with you on future requirements and wouldn’t hesitate recommending your services to other clubs.”

Matthew Dowling- President
Keperra Country Golf Club, Qld